It's A Cool Sailor Moon Site Award

With all the cool Sailor Moon site I found all over the Internet, I thought making an award page just for that. If you get awarded, you will be a lifetime, as long as you own your Sailor Moon site & linked to this page so that people know you won. Here what is going to look like...
It's A Cool Sailor Moon Site Award
It's A Cool Sailor Moon Site Awards
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Rules & How to Apply:

Remember, it's only me that can award the Sailor Moon sites. Still, if you think you have a pretty good site of your own, send me your site addy, title of your site & I go check it out via Contact Me page. It's doesn't mean that you get awarded, but you never know, you just might get one.

Anyways, I have to try to cut down your e-mails to the awards with a few terms & conditions. I'm sorry for that, since I have received sites of all kinds. Here they are.

  • Have at least a Sailor Moon page.
  • Original ideas are most wanted (a great layout).
  • Your site must be about a month old or so.
  • Try not to have broken links or pictures.
  • Updated often.

The only thing you have to do is to added a HTML Fragment to one of your page in your site that I will e-mail it to you once your site is approved. If you need examples, just take a look who have gotten an award. Every site will have at least ranked of 2 lockets, look below.

Sites that have been awarded:

Sailor Moon Lockets
Date Awarded

Sailor Moon Lockets:

Here how the "Sailor Moon Lockets" works...

  • 5 Sailor Moon Lockets: Way Coolest!
  • 4 Sailor Moon Lockets: Way Cool!
  • 3 Sailor Moon Lockets: Coolest!
  • 2 Sailor Moon Lockets: Cool!