Profile: Sailor Venus

Name (English):Mina
Name (Japanese):Minako Aino
Meaning Of Her Name:Minako Of Love
Birthday:October 22th,1978.
Age:14 years old.
Star Sign:Libra
Blood Type:B
Favorite Colors:Yellow & red.
Favorite Gem:Topaz.
Favorite Animal:Cats.
Favorite Sport:Volleyball.
Favorite Foods:Curry & ramen noddles.
Least Favorite Food:Shittake Mushrooms.
Favorite Subject:Physical Education.
Least Favorite Subject:Everything else.
Hobbies:Chasing after idols.
Strong Points:Playing.
Dislikes:Needles & rain.
Living Situation:Unknown.
Goals:To become an idol.
Best Friends:None.
Special Items:None.

Fact about Sailor Venus:

Before joining the Sailor Scouts, Mina was called "Sailor V" & fought crime in England. There were movies & comics about her, & as "Sailor V", she was Serena's idol. Mina is nice & easy to get along with. She quickly made friends with the other Scouts, but she goes to a different school. Mina's dream is to become a singer. She likes spending time with Serena, & especially loves her constant flattery. Just like Sailor Moon, Venus also has a magical guardian, a talking white cat named Artemis. When she make the scene in Tokyo, she took off her Sailor V glasses & changed her name to Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus Magical Phrases:

Sailor Moon:

  • Venus Power Makeup: This transforms her into Sailor Venus.
  • Venus Crescent Beam Smash: Generates an energy beam which she can direct at her target.
  • Venus Crescent Beam: Japanese version of Venus Crescent Beam Smash.

Sailor Moon R:

  • Venus Power Makeup: She still have the same transformation in the first part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Venus Meteor Shower: Creates small meteors that are used to encircle an opponent.
  • Venus Crescent Beam Shower: Japanese version of Venus Meteor Shower.
  • Venus Star Power Makeup: Her second transformation in the second part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Venus Love Chain Incircle: Generates a chain of energy that will wrap up her enemies or simply knock (stop) objects away.
  • Venus Love Me Chain Japanese version of Venus Love Chain Incircle.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:

  • Venus Crystal Power Makeup: This transforms her into Super Sailor Venus.
  • Venus Love & Beauty Shock: Kisses her hand to reveal a heart & multiplies as she throws it at her target.