Profile: Sailor Moon

Name (English):Serena
Name (Japanese):Usagi Tsukino
Meaning Of Her Name:Rabbit Of The Moon.
Birthday:June 30th.
Age:14 years old.
Star Sign:Cancer
Blood Type:O
Favorite Colors:White..
Favorite Gem:Diamond.
Favorite Animal:Rabbits.
Favorite Sport:Boys chasing.
Favorite Foods:Ice Cream & sweets.
Least Favorite Food:Carrots.
Favorite Subject:Home Economics.
Least Favorite Subject:Math.
Hobbies:Eats, video games & daydreaming.
Strong Points:Crying & loyalty.
Dislikes:When Darien & Raye call her "Meatball Head!".
Living Situation:A bi-level house.
Parents:She lives with her both parents & her bother, Sammy.
Goals:To be a bride.
Best Friends:Molly.
Special Items:None.

Fact about Sailor Moon:

Serena is definitely not who you would expect to be the leader of the Sailor Scouts. She's a little clumsy, lazy, carefree, & definitely more interested in games, & dreaming about boys (like the dashing Tuxedo Mask), than fighting evil. But Serena is very loyal to her friends, & will do anything to help them. Like Sailor Venus, Serena has a special guardian as well, a talking cat named Luna. As Sailor Moon, she is a reluctant hero, & doesn't totally understand her powers. Serena is the Moon Princess (Princess Serena), & Sailor Moon (of course) & the star of the show. She's the leader of the Sailor Scouts, which has caused some friction between the scouts, since she's not the toughest. She is also the mother of Rini is the future.

Sailor Moon Magical Phrases:

Sailor Moon:

  • Moon Prism Power Makeup: This transforms her into Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Tiara Magic: She says this when throwing her Moon Tiara at her enemies which turns them into moon dust.
  • Moon Tiara Action: Japanese version of Moon Tiara Magic.
  • Moon Healing Activation: Lets her use the Crescent Moon Wand to restore those people who have been turned into monsters.
  • Moon Healing Escalation: Japanese version of Moon Healing Activation.

Sailor Moon R:

  • Moon Prism Power Makeup: She still have the same transformation in the first part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Moon Tiara Magic: She still have her tiara but it's loses it's magic (power).
  • Moon Crystal Power (or Moon Star Power) Makeup: Her second transformation in the second part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Moon Sceptor Elimination: Lets her destroy monsters using the Moon Scepter.
  • Moon Sceptor Activation: DIC change "Moon Sceptor Elimination" to "Moon Sceptor Activation" for the new 17 Sailor Moon episodes.
  • Moon Princess Halation: Japanese version of Moon Sceptor Elimination (or Activation).
  • Moon Crystal Healing Activation: Using the Silver Crystal in her locket to heal the 4 sisters (Catsy, Birdie, Avery & Prisma).

Sailor Moon S:

  • Moon Cosmic Power Makeup: Transform into Sailor Moon (new transformation).
  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Spins low & then her rod release a pink spiral of hearts at her enemies.
  • Moon Crisis Power: Sailor Moon power up into Super Sailor Moon using the Holy Grail.
  • Crisis Makeup: Japanese version of Moon Crisis Power.
  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Same as Moon Spiral Heart Attack except more powerful & hearts are yellowed (not pink).

Sailor Moon SuperS:

  • Moon Cosmic Dream Action: This transform her into Super Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Crisis Makeup: Japanese version of Moon Crisis Makeup.
  • Moon Tiara Stardust: She got her tiara back.
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation: She use her sword-like-scepter to destory the monsters with the help of Pegasus's powers when Sailor Chibi Moon calls upon.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:

  • Moon Eternal Makeup: This transform her into Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • Starlight Honey Moon Therapy Kiss: ???
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss: ???