Profile: Sailor Mercury

Name (English):Amy Anderson
Name (Japanese):Ami Mizuno
Meaning Of Her Name:Beauty Of The Water.
Birthday:September 10, 1978.
Age:14 years old.
Star Sign:Virgo
Blood Type:A
Favorite Colors:Aquamarine.
Favorite Gem:Sapphire.
Favorite Animal:Cats.
Favorite Sport:Swimming.
Favorite Foods:Sandwiches.
Least Favorite Food:Yellow-tail tuna.
Favorite Subject:Math.
Least Favorite Subject:None.
Hobbies:Reading & playing chess.
Strong Points:Calculating, computers & doing homework.
Dislikes:Practical jokes.
Living Situation:She lives in a mansion (condo/apartment) with her mother.
Parents:Her mother is a doctor.
Fears:Not to be accepted by others because of her high IQ.
Goals:To be a doctor (just like her mother),
Best Friends:Greg.
Special Items:Mini-computer & VR Visor.

Fact about Sailor Mercury:

Amy is one of the smartest students in her school. She's also very sweet, & a little shy at times. She is very studious. When Amy first transfers to the school, she has a little trouble fitting in, but she & Serena become fast friends. She discovers she is Sailor Mercury when Luna gives her a transformation pen. Amy lives in a mansion with her mother, who is a doctor. She is in her second year in Junior High, Class 5. In the original Japanese, Amy goes to Juuban J.H. in Minato-Ku, but in the North America dubbing, Amy goes to Crossroads J.H. She works very hard at her school work.

Sailor Mercury is the brains of the Sailor Scouts. She uses her mini super computer & her VR Visor to find the weaknesses of the monsters that the Sailor Scouts encounter.

Sailor Mercury Magical Phrase:

Sailor Moon:

  • Mercury Power Makeup: This transforms her into Sailor Mercury.
  • Mercury Bubble Blast: This attack sends blinding bubbles creatiing a fog to confuse & reduces the visual range to her enemies.
  • Mercury Shabon (or Bubble) Spray: Japanese version of Mercury Bubble Blast.

Sailor Moon R:

  • Mercury Power Makeup: She still have the same transformation in the first part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze: Her bubble attack only now it freezes her enemies.
  • Mercury Shabon (or Bubble) Spray Freezing: Japanese version of Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze.
  • Mercury Star Power Makeup: Her second transformation in the second part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Mercury Ice Storm Blast: An ice & water storm appears around her & she shoots it at her enemies or objets & freezes them to keeps them from moving.
  • Shine Aqua Illusion: DIC change "Mercury Ice Storm Blast" to "Shine Aqua Illusion" for the new 17 Sailor Moon episodes.
  • Mercury Shine Aqua Illusion: Japanese version of Mercury Ice Storm Blast.

Sailor Moon SuperS:

  • Mercury Aqua Mirage: This attack is excluse in a Sailor Moon SuperS special in "Ami-chan First Love".

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:

  • Mercury Crystal Power Makeup: This transforms her into Super Sailor Mercury.
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: She plays a note on a water harp that then she shoots a stream of water at her target.