Profile: Sailor Mars

Name (English):Raye Hino
Name (Japanese):Rei Hino
Meaning Of Her Name:Fire Of Spirit
Birthday:April 17th. 1978.
Age:14 years old.
Star Sign:Aries
Blood Type:AB
Favorite Colors:Red & black.
Favorite Gem:Ruby.
Favorite Animal:Crows (birds at the temple).
Favorite Sport:Archery.
Favorite Foods:Fugu (blowfish).
Least Favorite Food:Canned asparagus.
Favorite Subject:Ancient Literature.
Least Favorite Subject:Modern Social Studies.
Hobbies:Fortune telling.
Strong Points:Meditation.
Dislikes:Loud noise, Serena (sometimes) & evil energies.
Living Situation:She lives in a temple, "Cherry Hill Temple".
Fears:That something bad might happen to her friends.
Goals:A singer or a model.
Best Friends:Chad.
Special Items:None.

Sailor Mars Magical Phrases:

Sailor Moon:

  • Mars Power Makeup: This transforms her into Sailor Mars.
  • Mars Fire Ignite: Sends a stream of fireballs from her fingers at her enemies.
  • Mars Firestorm Flash: Same as Mars Fire Ignite but only has a larger fire ball.
  • Mars Fire Soul: Japanese version of Mars Fire Ignite.
  • Mars Fireball Charge: An ancient Japanese scroll which she throw & neutralize her enemies or her target.

Sailor Moon R:

  • Mars Power Makeup: She still have the same transformation in the first part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Mars Firebird Strike: A more powerful version of her Mars Fire Ignite only now the fireball turns into a bird of fire before it strikes her enemies.
  • Mars Fire Soul Bird: Japanese version of Mars Firebird Strike.
  • Mars Star Power Makeup: Her second transformation in the second part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Mars Celestial Fire Surrounds: A ring of fire surrounds her & she shoots it at her target.
  • Mars Burning Mandala: Japanese version of Mars Celestial Fire Surrounds.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:

  • Mars Crystal Power Makeup: This transfroms her into Super Sailor Mars.
  • Mars Flame Sniper: She shoot an arrow at her enemies.