Profile: Sailor Jupiter

Name (English):Lita
Name (Japanese):Makoto Kino
Meaning Of Her Name:Sincerity Of Wood
Birthday:December 5, 1978.
Age:14 years old.
Star Sign:Saggitarious
Blood Type:O
Favorite Colors:Green & sugar-pink.
Favorite Gem:Emerald.
Favorite Animal:Horse.
Favorite Sport:Martial Arts.
Favorite Foods:Cherry pie & meatloaf.
Least Favorite Foods:None
Favorite Subject:Home Economics.
Least Favorite Subject:Physics.
Hobbies:Cooking & boys.
Strong Points:Cooking & physical strength.
Living Situation:She lives alone.
Goals:To be a great cook.
Best Friends:Serena & Ken.
Special Items:None.

Sailor Jupiter Magical Phrases:

Sailor Moon:

  • Jupiter Power Makeup: This transforms her into Sailor Jupiter.
  • Jupiter Thunder Crash (or Crush): Activates her tiara to capture lightning bolts then redirects the energy into an electrical bolt at her enemies.
  • Jupiter Supreme (or Volt) Thunder Crash: Same thing as Jupiter Thunder Crash but more powerful attack.
  • Supreme Thunder: Japanese version of Jupiter Thunder Crash.

Sailor Moon R:

  • Jupiter Power Makeup: She still have the same transformation in the first part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Jupiter Thunder Dragon: Sailor Jupiter powered attack, treats a dragon shaped lightning bolt which attacks her target.
  • Jupiter Supreme Thunder Dragon: Japanese version of Jupiter Thunder Dragon.
  • Jupiter Star Power Makeup: Her second transformation in the second part of Sailor Moon R.
  • Jupiter Thunderclap Zap: Generates an energy bolt which she throws at the enemies.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure: Japanese version of Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:

  • Jupiter Crystal Power Makeup: This transforms her into Super Sailor Jupiter.
  • Jupiter Oak Revolution: She spins around throwing several lighting balls of energy at her enemies.