History Listing

This is the history of this site. I have posted this site so you can see what have been done, added & uploaded since the new design was implanted to this site. This list is for references only. Still, it is nice to know how well this site is doing. Any problems, Contact Me.
28/12/2003: Updated Links!
14/12/2002: Updated Guestbook.
18/11/2002: New Webring, "Ring Of Eternal Sailor Moon"
15/11/2002: Move to a new domain, http://www.guardiansenshi.net/
10/11/2002: New Webring, "Supreme Goddess Anime League"
15/10/2002: Added "Raye's Music Studio" section.
15/10/2002: Check all & updated HTML.
15/10/2002: Moved to a new domain, new server.
04/08/2002: Updated Webring code.

07/10/2001: Removed GeoGuide code.
12/08/2001: Added History section.
04/08/2001: Updated Market section, fixes background image.
12/06/2001: Fixes link errors, added my webrings links.
11/06/2001: Added the Dictionary & Club section.
01/06/2001: Fixes typos & HTML bugs.
31/05/2001: Added the Links & Webrings section.
31/05/2001: Added the Movies, Market & Award section.
31/05/2001: Deleted old design, uploaded new design.

12/10/1998: Record of 200 pages reach!
11/07/1998: Opening of "Sailor Moon Movies Vivo" section (official).
28/06/1998: Opening of "Sailor Moon Movies Vivo" section (beta).
19/08/1997: Opening of "The Anti-Anti Sailor Moon Campaign Webring".
28/05/1997: Opening of "Save Our Sailors Campaign Webring".
26/04/1997: Opening of "It's A Cool Sailor Moon Site Award".
31/04/1997: Opening of "Guardian Of The Sailor Scouts Ring".
31/01/1997: Original first day of launching this site.