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New Sailor Moon S & SuperS DVD Box Set!

It is now confirmed that Geneon Animation have finally release a box set for the Sailor Moon S & SuperS seasons. Their licenses will be expiring this year & this is the final push to get as much Sailor Moon out before they are gone from North American to an undetermined date. It have been confirmed that there is a total of 6 for Sailor Moon S & 7 for Sailor Moon SuperS. It will have a special design box, a slim down version that holds all the discs together. Both release are the uncut & uncensored version, with both the original Japanese audio English dubbing. Sailor Moon S Box Set will be release on July 6, 2004 & Sailor Moon SuperS Box Set will be August 3, 2004. You can pre-order them. Check them out!

For US:

For Canadians:

Sailor Moon DVD Box Set 67% OFF!

After the announcement from ADV Films (read below), Right Stuf International have a big sale on both Sailor Moon DVD Box Set! Retailed at 149.99$US, it's now 67% OFF, only for 49.99$US each! Get them both, 2000 minutes of Sailor Moon, uncensored, original Japanese audio with subtitle. Better hurry, sales going to end soon & once they're gone, they're gone!

Sailor Moon is going, going, gone!?

After years of loyal Sailor Moon fans from North America, Toei have decided against continuing the availability of the home video licenses of Sailor Moon in North America for the time being. This decision effects all Sailor Moon releases in North America markets, including airing it on TV. ADV Films have already announced that they will stop production of Sailor Moon as of April 1, 2004 (this is when their licenses expired). All episodes released under them will remain available for sale, such as the Sailor Moon: Season One & Season Two DVD Box set, in retail outlets while supplies last.

Geneon Animation release of Sailor Moon S & SuperS series are also effected & their licenses will expire by the end of this year. They are already pushing the final release for Sailor Moon S & SuperS in a box set, which is coming out later this year! Also, all TV showing will be effected as well. You might noticed that Sailor Moon already been kicked off the air on TV, like here in Canada, have announce that they won't be airing Sailor Moon due to licenses issues.

No news on Sailor Moon Music CDs that have been release so far, but I think it will sell until their licenses expires, which, like all other companies, ending this year. Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection, Sailor Moon & The Scouts: Lunarock & Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit TV Series.

To what I have gather, the main reason for this decision is for that they can focus to promote the new "live-action" Sailor Moon series that is currently airing in Japan. My advice is, if you still deciding to get it, go get it ASAP!